Zone Control Valve

Zone Control Valve

What is the Zone Control Valve (Z.C.V)?

Zone control valve is used to control the sprinkler system for each floor and yo separate the floors when a maintenance is needed at any specific floor.

Components of Z.C.V

  • OS&Y Gate valve with temper switch .
  • Pressure Gauge.
  • Flow Meter.
  • Test and drain Assembly with sight Glass.
  • Check Valve.

Zone Control Valve Functions

  • Isolating of each zone (floor or zone open area) fore maintenance purposes.
  • Check System pressure .
  • Drain the specific zone connected to it .
  • Actuate an alarm during fire occurrence.
  • Actuate an alarm if OS&Y Gate valve is closed.

Zone Control Valve Maximum Working Area :

The maximum floor area on any one floor to be protected by sprinklers supplied by any one sprinkler system riser or combined system riser shall be as follows :
  • Light hazard -- 52000 ft^2(4831 m^2)
  • Ordinary hazard --52000ft^2 (4831 m^2)
  • Extra hazard 
  1. Pipe schedule - 25000 ft^2
  2. Hydraulically calculated--40000 ft^2
OS&Y Gate Valve

OS&Y Gate Valve is used to isolating of specific zone of pipes during maintenance .



Electrical switch installed with the OS&Y gate valve to check the valve position .(Alarm will actuate if the valve got closed).

Test Assembly

  • Test position : to check whether the flow is accurate or not .
  • Drain Position : To drain the network when needed .
  • Inspection through the sight glass which make it visible to check water quality.

Drain riser 

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