UPS Sizing Calculation Excel Sheet

UPS is ( Uninterruptible Power Supply ) System that provides emergency power source to a load when the main power source fails . the UPS is important for low current systems such as Fire alarm , CCTV and other systems that needs power source all the time .

UPS Sizing Calculation
UPS Sizing Calculation Excel Sheet 

UPS Sizing Calculation Excel Sheet 

To get the Ampere of the battery bank required :

  • Enter Electrical Load details
  • Enter Battery Banks Voltage
  • Enter Reserve Day ( How many days do you want to get power from battery Banks )
  • Enter Loose Connection / Wire Loss Factor
  • Enter Battery Efficiency
  • Battery Aging
  • Depth of Discharge ( DOD )
  • Battery Operating temperature.

The results will be as the following :

  • Type of Connection for Batteries
  • Batteries Connection type
  • Each Battery Voltage
  • Number of String for Battery Bank
  • Total Amp . Hr of Each String
  • Total No of Battery in Each String

To get the size of Inverter

  • Calculate Additional Future Load 
  • Enter the Efficiency of inverter

With This Excel Sheet  Calculator you will be able to make sizing and selection for UPS battery and the inverter .

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