Cold Storage Design Calculation Excel Sheet (XLS)

Cold Storage Design Calculation Excel SheetDownload free excel sheet for the design and calculations of cold storage room .This excel program contains all formulas for perfoming the calculation and design steps of cold stores.Through the steps you will know how to build a cold storge for Vegetables , Fruits , meat.

Cold Storage Design
Cold Storage Design

Cold Storage Design Calculation Excel Sheet (XLS)

Excel sheet for cold store design :


  • Fruits or Vegetables specific heat
  • Storage temperature
  • Store dimensions


  • Heat Load 
  • Power Equivalent
  • Heat transmissions through walls
  • Electrical Power
  • Refrigeration Requirement 
  • Compressor Power

Cold Storage Design Calculations:

Cold storge is critical step in the food supply chain, and without fast cooling and good storage conditions, nutritional losses and even spoilage of entire crops can occurs.

DOWNLOAD Cold Storge Design Calculation Excel Sheet .

Download this excel program and fill the requirement such as storage conditions and available space dimensions and it will calculate the refrigeration tonnage and the appropriate compressor capacity.

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