Chiller and pumps Hock up

Chiller  Hock up

Chiller and pumps Hock up 

What the Chiller  Hock up ?

  1. Gate valve : used to start or stop fluid flow and used in maintenance works It is installed on the entry and exit of the chiller
    Gate valve

  1. Flexible connection : It is installed on the entry and exit of the chiller so as to absorb the vibrations from the chiller

  1. Strainer : It is installed on the entry of the chiller so as to purify the water from impurities

  1. Check valve It is installed on the exit of the chiller used to prevent process flow from reversing in the system which could damage equipment or upset the process 
    Check valve

  1. Double regulating valve ( DRV ) : also known as balancing valve is used to control the water flow across a chiller water air conditioning it is installed to the return line of the chiller 
    Double regulating valve

Sometimes Gate valve is replaced by Butterfly valve because Butterfly valve is lighter than gate valve . so for the big size it is convenient to install and operate butterfly valve because it is lighter and compact in compare to gate valve

Butterfly valve :

butterfly valve

Pumps  Hock up

pump hock up

    What the pumps  Hock up ?

    1. Gate valve
    2. Flexible connection
    3. Strainer
    4. Double regulating valve ( DRV )
    5. Check valve
    Sometimes Gate valve is replaced by Butterfly valve

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