Solar energy to electrical energy

Solar energy to electrical energy

How to convert solar power to electrical energy ?

Solar energy is the free energy that we get from the sun. There is an increased demand for renewable sources of energy in the recent years. Solar energy is clean and environmentally friendly. 

So many countries are investing their money to produce useful electrical energy from solar energy.

Solar panels are made from silicon and convert solar energy to electrical energy. There are simple steps in which solar cells convert solar power to electrical energy. These are discussed below:

You have to set up solar panels at the top of your house where maximum sunlight is available during the day. There are three different types of solar panel array mountings: adjustable, fixed and tracking solar panel mounts. You can choose the best solar panel mount as per your requirements. 
Tracking solar panel mounts are more efficient as they can move in the direction of sun.

The solar panel is connected to the solar charge controller. The charge controller controls the charging of the battery and prevents it from overcharging. It also prevents the reverse flow of current during the night when no charging takes place .

In the next step, connect the charge controller to the battery. The battery will start charging in the presence of sunlight if it is not fully charged. When the battery is fully charged, the charging process stops automatically and it restarts again when the indicator detects that the battery is to be charged.

The power generated in the battery is 12-volt DC voltage and you have to convert it to AC current to run your home appliances that run on AC power. You have to install a power inverter to convert the DC power of the battery to an AC power for supporting your home devices. There are different types of power invertors available on the market.

Thus, the process of generating electrical energy from solar energy begins with the collection of sunlight by the solar cells, and goes through the above described steps.


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