Ductulator Software

Ductulator Software :This Software is one of the best the programs in the design of a duct (duct cfm chart).

Ductulator Software

Ductulator Software

Ductulator Software 

This Software is one of the best the Software in the design of a duct. (duct cfm chart)
Ever wished you had your classic slide ductulator with you on-site, in a meeting or at your desk? Now you can. With Duct, the simplicity and rapid sizing of the classic slide ductulator is now in your pocket.

Duct uses the same rectangular equivalent method as your standard paper ductulator except all rectangular dimensions are recalculated from Huebscher’s equation.

Save time and money with Duct as there is no typing in values like other ductulator apps. Just touch and move up and down to match the properties you want - just like the real thing. All size options and other performance values are visible at once, just like an original ductulator.
Available in SI units and Imperial units.

If you plan to use Duct for work why not claim the cost of Duct back as a work expense?

Duct is simple and effective for anyone to use. Perfect for architects doing small residential jobs to HVAC engineering consultants and contractors doing large commercial projects.
Duct was designed and verified by professional mechanical HVAC engineers for air conditioning and fan ventilation applications.

DUCT features:

  • Simple and quick to use - just drag your finger up and down
  • HVAC ductwork sizing using the equal friction loss (pressure drop) Huebscher equation method and a maximum velocity
  • Designed for architects, mechanical engineering consultants and HVAC contractors
  • See all available equivalent rectangular sizes like the original ductulator
  • Suitable for mechanical ventilation, exhaust, supply, cooling fan vent duct plus general air conditioning and heating duct design
  • Air duct desien


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