Type of Sprinkler

Sprinkler System

  • Sprinkler definition type and Orientation
  • Sprinkler pipe and supplying system
  • Water sprinkler data and distribution
  • Sprinkler Zone control valve

Water sprinkler definition

Water sprinkler fire protection system consists of water sprinklers with different types orifice sizes pipes and control valve distributed inside the occupancy being protected according To occupancy condition ( Hazard type - Height - ...etc )
The two main type of sprinklers are :
  • Fusible Link sprinkler 
  • Glass bulb sprinkler
Sprinkler release mechanism fusible link and Glass Bulb sprinkler

Fusible link sprinkler 

  • The fusible link sprinkler is kept closed by a two piece link held together by a solder with a predetermined melting point . when the solder melts , the levers pull the two - piece link apart fly away from the sprinkler .
  • Pressure in the piping network pushes the cap from the orifice of the sprinkler to discharge water .

Glass bulb sprinkler

Sprinkler bulb operating temperature

sprinkler operating temperature

Types of sprinkler ( Application )

  • Conventional Sprinkler 
  • Early suppression fast response sprinkler 
  • Extended coverage sprinkler 
  • Large drop sprinkler .

Sprinkler Types

  • Upright sprinkler 
  • Pendent sprinkler
  • Side wall sprinkler

Upright Sprinkler 

Pendent Sprinkler

Side wall Sprinkler

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