FM-200 System -Fire Suppression Agent

FM200 :Fire Suppression Agent is Known HFC22ea . FM200 is a waterless Fire Protection System it discharged into the risk within 10 seconds and suppresses the fire immediately.

FM-200 System .
FM-200 System

FM-200 System -Fire Suppression Agent

Why FM-200 ?

  • Puts out fires fast and efficiently in less than 10 sec .
  • Electrically non conductive .
  • Environmentally friendly ODP=0.
  • Will specified - NFPA 2001.
  • Available long term .
  • Leaves no residues - clean gent.

What is FM-200 ?

  • Halocarbon agent HFC 227ea that contains hydrogen, fluorine and carbon.
  • Heptafluoropropane CF3CHFCF3.
  • Clean agent substitute to Halon 1301.
  • Pressurized at 24 or 42 bars in steel cylinders.
  • Colorless odorless gas.

Where to use FM-200 ?

  • Normally occupied areas of electronic, telecommunications and technical rooms.
  • Switching centers for GSM and Telephone operators.
  • Control rooms, Data centers and Network rooms.
  • Internet Service Providers ISP facilities .
  • Computer Rooms .
  • BSC stations used by personnel .
  • Sensitive equipment and high valued assets.

FM-200 System Operation 

  • Fire detectors sense fire conditions in the hazard area ( smoke, heat, gas, air sampling.....).
  • Electrical signal is sent through the fire alarm control panel FACP to the control head.
  • Control head releases FM-200 from the cylinders and is delivered through a fixed piping network to discharge nozzles directed at hazard in less than 10 seconds.
  • Pipe network and sizing designed according to Hydraulic calculation software.
  • One method of application : Total flooding for enclosed spaces.
FM-200 System Operation
FM-200 System Operation

FM200 System Operation
FM200 System Operation

DOWNLOA To Calculate FM-200 System -Fire Suppression Agent.

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